Top NFT Games To Make Money In 2023

What Are Play-To-Earn Games ? , How Does the Play-To-Earn Model Benefit Gamers? , Top NFT Games To Make Money In 2023 , The Sandbox , Axie Infinity , My DeFi Pet , CryptoBlades , SplinterLands , Gods Unchained , Illuvium , Sorare , Chainmonsters , Thetan Arena
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Top NFT Games To Make Money In 2023 :- Since the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), they have shown immense potential to revolutionize the gaming world. NFTs offer a new and exciting way for players to participate in the gaming economy and receive appropriate rewards. This emerging gaming paradigm is taking shape as game developers increasingly adopt blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience. In this guide, we will provide an overview of some of the leading NFT games available today. Before delving into our list of the best NFT games, let’s first discuss the fundamentals of an NFT-based game.

What Are Play-To-Earn Games ?

An NFT game combines traditional gaming elements with innovative gameplay mechanics to provide users with greater control over in-game assets such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual lands, and more. This is achieved by launching games on blockchains and integrating them with digital asset-powered economies. These digital assets are often in the form of NFTs, ensuring their uniqueness and immutability. The adoption of NFT token standards enables developers to maintain the rarity and distinctiveness of these in-game items, which can contribute to their higher value in the market.

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Within this system, players can acquire ownership of game assets through three main strategies. They can create or breed new characters, purchase digital items from native or third-party marketplaces, or unlock and earn new items through gameplay. Regardless of the method chosen to obtain these game assets, players enjoy exclusive ownership rights over them. Essentially, they can distribute or sell these assets and keep all the proceeds from such transactions. This is why this gaming model is referred to as “play-to-earn.”

How Does the Play-To-Earn Model Benefit Gamers?

The existence of virtual economies within gaming universes is not a new concept. Popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like RuneScape and World of Warcraft have amassed millions of players. Additionally, many games that claim to be free-to-play operate on a “freemium” model, where gamers are required to spend money, in addition to time and effort, to expedite their progress or acquire rare in-game items. However, despite the potential value of these in-game items, the ultimate ownership resides with the game developers.

While it is reasonable for gaming companies to be compensated for creating entertaining titles, gamers also contribute value by investing their time and actively participating in the in-game economy. The play-to-earn model can be seen as a means to align the interests of both parties, ensuring that everyone is rewarded for the value they bring. On one hand, gaming companies can foster a more dynamic in-game economy, while on the other hand, gamers can genuinely own their in-game assets and receive rewards for their time and effort.

Top NFT Games To Make Money In 2023

NFT games are gaining immense popularity in the crypto world due to their enticing combination of free-to-play mechanics and play-to-earn opportunities. These games seamlessly integrate NFTs into their gameplay, enabling users to generate income while enjoying the immersive gaming experience.

#1 The Sandbox

This NFT game bears resemblance to Minecraft with its charming pixelated visuals. Within this virtual metaverse, players can craft their own avatars, which serve as their digital representations. These avatars hold immense potential for the development, trade, and monetization of the player’s virtual estate.

How To Earn Money In The Sandbox?

By engaging in this NFT game, you have the opportunity to generate income by designing and selling your custom in-game content, including assets, games, and experiences. Your active participation rewards you with $SAND tokens and NFTs that hold global usability and value.

#2 Axie Infinity

The gameplay mechanics draw inspiration from popular games like PokemonGo and CryptoKitties. In this game, players embark on the quest to capture and train creatures known as “Axies.” The game offers both adventure and player-versus-player (PVP) modes for players to explore. It operates on the Ethereum and Ronin blockchains, adding a decentralized aspect to the gaming experience.

How To Earn Money In Axie Infinity?

To progress in the game, players need to collect Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which can be acquired through daily logins, completing daily adventures, and winning PVP battles. These SLPs can then be exchanged for real cryptocurrencies. Additionally, players have the option to sell their Axies in the marketplace, allowing them to earn additional rewards. Another avenue for earning in the game is through Axie Infinity Scholarships.

#3 My DeFi Pet

It is a pet game centered around lifestyle, utilizing the KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. The gameplay revolves around training and raising your pets, as well as engaging in competitions with other players.

This game seamlessly combines NFT collectibles, player personalities, and DeFi elements. Players also have the ability to breed their pets, resulting in the production of more pets for battles. It’s worth noting that rare pets hold a greater value in terms of DEPT tokens.

How To Earn Money In My DeFi Pet?

The DEPT token serves as the in-game currency, which players can earn through various activities such as farming and gameplay. Additionally, earning opportunities exist through season rewards and participating in monster auctions.

#4 CryptoBlades

This game is free-to-play and focuses on crafting weapons and armor to enhance the abilities of your characters. Players can recruit new characters using the in-game currency.

How To Earn Money In CryptoBlades?

The in-game currency is called SKILL. Players can earn SKILL by defeating players or monsters, and it can be used to recruit additional characters or exchanged for real money. In the marketplace, players can also purchase weapons to earn money. The exchange rate is 1 SKILL to $36.

#5 SplinterLands

This game is a play-to-earn digital card-based game, allowing players to buy and sell their cards in the NFT marketplace. Each card in the game is represented as an NFT on the HIVE blockchain. The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of popular games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

How To Earn Money In SplinterLands?

Players are rewarded with cards through gameplay, allowing them to earn rewards simply by playing the game. These cards can be bought, sold, traded, and collected, providing opportunities to earn money. Additionally, players have the option to rent out their cards in the marketplace, further expanding their earning potential.

#6 Gods Unchained

It is a free-to-play NFT card game similar to Hearthstone. One notable feature of this game is that it grants players full ownership of their in-game items, which can also be sold.

How To Earn Money In Gods Unchained?

By engaging in daily token rewards, quests, weekend ranked rewards, seasonal rewards, tournaments, and special game modes, you can accumulate $GODS tokens. These tokens can be used to craft NFTs and can also be obtained through stacking rewards. Converting these tokens to Ethereum enables their global utilization.

#7 Illuvium

This game combines elements of chess and Pokemon, taking inspiration from League of Legends. It features a unique blend of turn-based gameplay and action. Your objective is to capture 150 Illuvials within the game. These Illuvials can be utilized to engage in battles against other players, striving to emerge victorious. The game operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is accessible on both Mac and Windows platforms.

How To Earn Money In Illuvium?

The in-game token used in this game is ILV. You have the option to acquire these tokens by purchasing them from either centralized or decentralized exchanges. As a player, you can claim staking rewards in ILV. It is important to note that the value of 1 Illuvial (ILV) token is equivalent to $518.22.

#8 Sorare

Sorare is an NFT game centered around football, where players can collect, trade, and manage digital cards showcasing real-life football players from around the world.

The Sorare website provides players with a user-friendly and immersive interface, offering a range of tools to help them build their dream team and engage in competitive matches against other players.

How To Earn Money In Sorare?

In Sorare, players have the opportunity to earn money by collecting and trading rare digital player cards, which are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By participating in weekly competitions and utilizing these cards, players can receive rewards in the form of additional cards or ETH (Ethereum).

#9 Chainmonsters

Chainmonsters is an online multiplayer RPG NFT game featuring immersive 3D graphics. The game revolves around the concept of taming creature-like entities known as “Chainmons.” Players can engage in activities such as catching, training, breeding, and trading these unique monsters. The game predominantly utilizes NFTs for various in-game items. Chainmonsters operates on the Flow blockchain.

How To Earn Money In Chainmonsters?

In Chainmonsters, the blockchain features the presence of Chainmons, although not every Chainmon is an NFT. To enhance your Chainmons, you can utilize gemstones, flowers, or materials for upgrades, resulting in the creation of NFTs in the form of upgraded versions. Additionally, season passes allow the minting of tokens, with epic and legendary rewards often taking the form of NFTs. These NFTs can be sold, providing an opportunity to earn money.

#10 Thetan Arena

This game is a play-to-earn online multiplayer battle royale experience that incorporates NFTs. Players engage in combat with each other using a variety of in-game characters known as “Heroes.” The game features multiple gameplay modes, including deathmatch, power siege, and battle royale. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain network, providing a secure and efficient gaming environment.

How To Earn Money In Theta Arena?

The game features three in-game currencies: Thetan Coin (THC), Thetan Gem (THG), and Power Points (PP). Players can earn Thetan Coin (THC) and Power Points (PP) through game progression, while Thetan Gem (THG) can be obtained exclusively through tournaments and special events. These tokens can be used to purchase NFT items available in the marketplace.


In recent times, play-to-earn games have gained significant popularity and accessibility. These games, based on NFTs and metaverse concepts, offer players the opportunity to earn income while enjoying their gaming experience. Prominent examples include Alien Worlds, Illuvium, and Silks, where players can store their in-game digital assets in crypto wallets, and even convert them into fiat currency through withdrawal and exchange options.

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