Stocks Making the biggest moves before the bell: 

Salesforce, Best Buy, Macy’s

1. Salesforce exceeded Wall Street's expectations in its latest earnings report and offered a positive forecast, resulting in a nearly 16% surge in premarket trading. 2. The company announced an expansion of its share buyback program, which was introduced last year.


1. Best Buy's stock dropped 1.9% due to weaker-than-expected fiscal year earnings and revenue guidance, citing a challenging macro environment. 2. The company's quarterly earnings beat estimates despite the gloomy forecast for the fiscal year.

Best Buy

Macy's stock rose 7.3% after reporting better-than-expected earnings per share and meeting revenue expectations for the fourth quarter.


1. The bank for digital currencies saw a 37.6% drop in its stock after two downgrades from analysts, triggered by new financial fillings from the company. 2. JPMorgan downgraded the stock to underperform from neutral, citing future challenges ahead, while Canaccord Genuity downgraded the stock to hold from buy, opting to wait and see how recent events play out.

Silvergate Capital

1. The digital authentication company saw a 15.8% increase in its stock after beating expectations for the fourth quarter and offering positive guidance. 2. Cowen upgraded Okta to outperform from market perform in response to the company's better-than-expected financial results and optimistic forecast.


1. Dollar Tree's stock dropped about 2% in premarket trading following a downgrade by JPMorgan from overweight to neutral. 2. The investment firm cited concerns over potential growth slowing this year as Dollar Tree lapped price increases and made investments for the future.

Dollar Tree

The electric-vehicle maker lost 6.2% after its investor day. Some saw the event as lacking specifics.


1. Getaround's stock rose 1.7% after being initiated at buy by Roth MKM. 2. Roth MKM views Getaround as a market disruptor that has the potential to increase utilization of legacy cars.


1. The beer maker's stock fell 1% after reporting weak earnings. 2. Normalized per-share earnings were below analysts' consensus estimate by 1 cent, and revenue fell short of expectations, coming in at $14.67 billion compared to the expected $15.21 billion.

Anheuser-Busch Inbev