Top 10 Cheapest Car in the World

The world's cheapest car, Tata Nano is rear-engined, a four-passenger city car from the Tata Motors family. Price: $3056. 

Tata Nano

In 2006, the car was renamed the Chery QQ3 in China, when Chery launched their new supermini, the Chery QQ6. Price: $4,781.

Chery QQ 

Maruti 800 has remained one of the best selling models from Maruti Suzuki in India.  Price: $4,994

Maruti Suzuki 800

A subcompact car produced by Chinese automaker Geely Automobile since May 2000. The Merrie is a five-door hatchback that looks like a sedan. Price: $5,500

Geely MR

Another car from Geely Automobile, the Geely HQ SRC is built on the platform of Daihatsu Charade (1980 model). Price: at $5,780

Geely HQ SRC

The Chery A1 is a 5-door compact car manufactured by Chery Automobile. Price: $7,340

Chery A-1

Yet another car from Tata Motors, Tata Indica is India's first indigenously developed passenger car. Price: $8,500

Tata Indica 

Manufactured at Hyundai's Chennai plant, the car was launched on 31 October 2007. Price: $9,096

Hyundai i10

The Fiat Palio is one of the best selling models from the company.  The car is aimed at developing countries. Price: $9,242

Fiat Palio

Launched in September 2004, the Dacia Logan is a car produced jointly by the French manufacturer Renault and its subsidiary Dacia of Romania. Price: $9,477  

Renault Logan

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